Easter updates

The Easter Bunny might have given you some eggs, I’ll give you something much better: an update on my projects!


First of all, I would like to inform you on ‘Blue Loving You’, a daring and promising film project that is set in Paris and in Moscow. Together with Christophe Kay Kourdouly I am currently pre-producing this film. The story is¬†about the type of love that travels countries and gender. It promises to become a great film so keep updated!


Next up is Robina. A story written by my good friend Mohy Quandour which I will produce and cast. The director is Wahid Sanouji, a great director whose oeuvre never fails to touch the viewer. The story is about a beautiful but mentally impaired young women, called Robina, who is kept inside out of fear for exposure. Some people believe that she is ¬†possessed by a Jino (based on the Islamic belief of a Jin) and her mother seeks the advice of a ‘doctor’ as a last resort. But will this help Robina?


Also I would like to officially introduce Charles Parke as my assistant. You might have spoken to him already. He is helping me on my new projects and has been great doing so!

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