Pre production/development 2018 & 2019

Casting Director
2015, Directed by Boris Damast.
One dead father. Two mothers. Two brothers who didn’t know they were brothers. One inheritance.
Writers Blake Armstrong | Giovanni Labadessa | Boris Damast
Producers Blake Armstrong | Maximiliano Czertok | Boris Damast | Andrea Kikot
Casting Directors Jamie Fox | Kristine Lewis | Ineke de Vos (additional A-list casting)

“Cannes —14-05-2014 Stealth Media Group has boarding comedy “Road to Capri” for international sales, and will introduce the project to buyers in Cannes. Atlas Distribution Company will handle U.S. distribution.

The film follows two young men, one American, Daniel (Muniz), and the other Italian, Luca (Vaporidis), who have absolutely nothing in common until one fateful day. On that day each would learn of the death of their father — but what neither was expecting to learn was that their father was the same man, and that they had inherited the family home in Capri, equally. Under the guidance of their uncle, Guido (Nero), they set out on a road of discovery that leads to Capri and the “sharing” of the family home.  Leo Barraclough

Casting Director

2015, written by Gary van Haas

The story of Picasso arriving in Paris in 1900, teaming up with famous artists in Montparnasse and Montmartre


Directed by Vera Belmont
Locations  Germany/France/Belgium/Israël

An animated feature film about an Auschwitz prisonner in the sixties facing his children’s misunderstanding. Based on the famous comic book from Michel Kichka “Second generation”.

Talent voice dubbing:  Ed Harris, Emma Thompson (casted by Ineke de Vos)

_waiting (April 2015) for Casting start_____
2015, directed by Jacques Malaterre – France / Germany / Belgium / USA: In development

The famous remake of Svengali, master of hypnosis and classical music, manipulating the young and gorgeous Trilby to give her the greatest opera voice.

Starring Nicolas Cage

° FARINELLI, Lead producer
2016, France, Germany/ Belgium/ Italy: In development

The Golden Globe winner in 1995 and Academy Award nominee, Eff is developping the remake of the famous contralto vocce singing for Haendel.

start of casting november 2015______
° ANGEL, Casting Director
2016, Canada / France: In development

A post apocalyptic city where extremist political parties reign, only a kid, a bum and his monkey will fight that threatening power, a modern urban western.

, Casting Director
2015, Morocco and Afghanistan: In development

A modern day American War story of two famiies – one Afghan, one American- thrown together by war. A clash of generations, cultures and time. 

Starring: Sammy Sheik,Said Faraj, ea

Casting Director
2017, Arkansas: In Development
Directed by Mark Maness

A psychological/suspense thriller set in the swamps of eastern Arkansas. Elizabeth finds herself in car trouble and gets help from the simple-minded Charley. He brings her to Momma, but will she help her get home?

, Executive producer, Casting Director
2016, Amsterdam and Agadir: In development
Directed by Wahid Sanouji.

Robina is a beautiful teenager living in Amsterdam. God has endowed her with striking beauty, but has also created her dumb and unable to communicate. She is kept in isolation to avoid shame and exposure to the community. Her family desperately tries to heal her and bring her to a doctor who supposedly can remove the ‘Jino’ that some believe posseses her.