A-list Casting Director for Hire

For Independent Film you can hire me,  Ineke de Vos as your Casting Director per project.

Ineke de Vos, that is me, is specialized in casting for International films. Me &  my team can attach big A-list named actors/actresses to your project to obtain financing and attract the right distribution company.

Why work with us, why work with a Casting Director and not doing it yourself?

Casting Director’s such as Ineke de Vos have got a big network and invested years and years in building this network in the field of Talent Agents in London, LA and Europe such as CAA, William Morris, Markham & Froggatt and many others. She knows the agents by person, she knows who will be coöperative more than others and, most importantly she knows the market. 

Knowing the market is essential due to the fact that it allows you to know when the time is right to go out there and attach the actors. Knowing when to give the actors a final push will result in the director being able to fully finance or expand distribution possibilities.

Ineke de Vos and her team constantly do research to get the best ins and outs of which actor/actresses is hot right now, upandcoming or on their way back.

Are you in need of  a good Casting Director right now?
If your project needs the extra boost of one or two attachments right now; call me Do you think: I can not call due to the fact that there is no finance secured yet: call me.

Attaching/Securing actors
There are different stages and moments in a filmproject to start attaching and securing actors.The best moment is when there is some finance in (can be hard or soft mony)
for the Casting Director to reach out.

If nevertheless the financiers are waiting for the right actors to be attached to put their money in: call me.

Flat fee or weekly fee
We work on a flat fee or if desired on a weekly fee. This can be discussed.
If there is no money in the project yet but the development is good and you are close to pre production, we are willing to step in and wait for the pre production moment to get paid.

Feel free to call or e-mail me, I will advice you for free, to determine if our services are benificial to the project because the project succeeding is the aim!